Legacy Grant Application Available

​Through the Marcellus Legacy Fund distributed to Susquehanna County, the Commissioners have dedicated funding to implement a Mini Grant Program. This program will provide mini-grants to projects that support and advance the goals and objectives of the Marcellus Legacy Fund. The use of these funds include acquisition, development and repair of greenways, recreation trails, open space, natural areas, community conservation and beautification projects, community and heritage parks and water resource management. 

The Marcellus Legacy Fund Mini-Grant Program is a reimbursement-funding program. Costs should be described in the budget and will be paid only to the extent that they are incurred by the Grantee in performance of the Projects Scope of Work. Awardees can receive three reimbursement distributions in conjunction with submission of Phased project reports.
Important Dates:
• Grant Round Opens: July 8, 2022
• Application Deadline: September 9, 2022

For questions about this program call:
Rebekah Hubbard
Phone: 570-278-6600


Who is eligible?
Eligible applicants include non-profit organizations with tax-exempt status 501(c)(3).
Non-profit organizations must submit proof of non-profit status and be registered with the PA Department of State Bureau of Charitable Organizations.
What kind of project is eligible?
Eligible projects should advance the Goals and Objectives of the Marcellus Legacy Fund.
All projects must be located within Susquehanna County.
Application Submission

• The application can be downloaded from the Susquehanna County Website. (
• Application narratives should be clear and concise.
• The application can be submitted by mail, email or in person.
• When submitting by email, all required supporting documents should be attached as a PDF documents and should be identified as your application’s documents.
Deadline for Submission:

• Email application submissions:
o Electronic applications must be received by 3:00 pm on September 9, 2022. Subject Line should read “2021-2022 MLF Mini Grant Application.”o Email application to Rebekah Hubbard at or
o All applicants will receive an email confirmation of receipt of application. If you do not receive this email you need to contact us by phone at 570-278-6600 to ensure that your application was received and will be considered.
• Mail or hand delivery:
o If you are unable to submit the application electronically, the completed application and required documents may be mailed or hand delivered in enough time for the application to be received at Susquehanna County Courthouse, Office of Chief Clerk, Rebekah Hubbard (address on page 1) no later than 3:00 pm on September 9, 2022.
o Mailed or hand delivered applications received after this date and time will not be considered.

Applicant Responsibility:

• Identify projects that support the purpose, vision, and goals of the Marcellus Legacy Fund.
• Demonstrate the ability to complete project on time and within budget.
• Submit application on time by 3:00 pm on September 9, 2022.
• For non-profit applicants; provide current proof of IRS 501(c)3 non-profit status and registration with the PA Bureau of Charitable Organizations







Renters MAY be eligible for up to 12 months of rental and utility assistance.
IF YOU LIVE IN Middletown, Auburn, Bridgewater, Brooklyn, Choconut, Dimock, Forest Lake, Franklin, Jessup, Lathrop, Lenox, Liberty, Little Meadows, Montrose, Hop Bottom, Friendsville, Rush, Silver Lake, Springville, Apolacon,
Please contact Trehab at 570-278-5289 or 1-800-982-4045 ext. 5289

IF YOU LIVE IN New Milford Borough, Ararat, Oakland, Great Bend, Forest City, Clifford, Hallstead, Lanesboro, New Milford Twp, Gib-son, Great Bend, Harford, Harmony, Herrick, Jackson, Susquehanna, Thompson and Uniondale,
Please contact Susquehanna County Housing/Redevelopment Authority at 570-278-5401

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