Susquehanna County Bridges

To report water overtopping county bridges, call 911 so first responders are aware of the situation.

To report any hazards, damages, or other issues with county bridges, contact Shawn Isby:

The bridge may have the ID on the guardrail on each end of the bridge. If the number is not visible, email the name of the road and the township in which it is in to Shawn Isby at A list of bridge location follows:

SC# Crossing Road Township
2 East Branch Wyalusing Creek Fair Hill Road Bridgewater
3 Meshppen Creek Ely Lake Road Bridgewater
4 Hopbottom Creek Quicks Hill Road Brooklyn
5 Martins Creek Charles Road Brooklyn
6 Choconut Creek Kellum Road Choconut
7 Tributary to Choconut Creek Kellum Road Choconut
8 Tributary to Choconut Creek Kellum Road Choconut
9 Snake Creek Potter Road Franklin
10 Snake Creek Forks Hill Road Franklin
11 Silver Lake Creek Salt Springs Road Franklin
12 Middle Br. Wyalusing Creek Cobb Hill Road Forest Lake
13 Middle Br. Wyalusing Creek School House Road Forest Lake
15 Trowbridge Creek Lovers Lane Great Bend
16 Butler Creek Podunk Road Harford
17 Starruca Creek Melrose Road Harmony
18 East Branch Wyalusing Creek Narrow Gouge Road Jessup
19 Martins Creek Bailey Road Lathrop
20 East Branch Tunkhannock Creek Barney Hollow Road Lenox
21 Tunkhannock Creek Maloney Hill Road Lenox
22 Tunkhannock Creek Marcy Hill Road Lenox
24 Snake Creek English Flats Road Liberty
25 Snake Creek Shadow Brooke Drive Liberty
26 Gaylord Creek Brickhouse Road Middletown
27 Gaylord Creek Beaumont Road Middletown
29 Gaylord Creek Upham Road Middletown
30 Gaylord Creek Upham Road Middletown
33 Starruca Creek Water Street Thompson
35 Wyalusing Creek Baldwin Road Rush
36 Middle Br. Wyalusing Creek Newhart Road Rush
37 Elk Lake Stream Creamery Road Rush
38 Meshoppen Creek Jennings Road Springville
39 East Branch Lackawanna River East Mountain Road Union Dale
40 Tunkhannock Creek SR 2065 Gibson