Meet the Staff

The Susquehanna Coroner’s Office currently has three Deputy Coroners. Chief Deputy Sean Hennessey received his certification in April of 2014. Sean has been with the Coroner’s Office since 2011. He has been a member of Susquehanna Fire Company for 17 years holding certifications of First Responder, Firefighter 1 and Firefighter 2. He was 2nd Assistant Chief for 4 years and is currently in his second year as 1st Assistant Chief. Sean became a licensed funeral director in 2008 and became the owner of Hennessey’s Funeral Home in 2015. Sean was appointed to Chief Deputy on January 4, 2016.

Deputy Richard M. Hennessey has been a deputy with the Coroner’s office since 1987. In 1999 he became certified by the Attorney General’s office and was appointed as Chief Deputy, which he held for 15 years. Prior to serving as a deputy under Tony, he was appointed by Coroners John Conarton and Robert Bartron. Dick became a licensed funeral director in 1979 and was the owner of Hennessey’s Funeral Home from 1980 to December of 2014 when his son Sean took over. He has been a member of the Susquehanna Fire Company for 47 years, which 9 of these years he served as Fire Chief. Dick has been an Emergency Medical Technician for 42 years and holds his certification to this date.

The newest Deputy is Jessica Chiaramonte who is also the Forensic Case Coordinator. Jessica has working for Susquehanna County since 2016 and joined the Coroner’s Office in 2017. Jessica has been a Law Enforcement Official since 2014. Jessica started her career as a Burlington Police Officer in Vermont for two years before becoming a Deputy Sheriff for Susquehanna County. Jessica also worked part time with Montrose Borough Police Department. In June of 2017, Jessica became a certified Crisis Intervention Team Officer. A police crisis intervention team (CIT) is a program in the United States to help police officers react appropriately to situations involving mental illness, developmental disability or emotionally disturbed persons and their families to improve responses to people in crisis. With the case numbers growing each year, it is Jessica’s responsibility to keep track of each and every case throughout the investigative process. She will also ensure that all data is complete, accurate and is forwarded to all agencies that are involved in the case. As of December 2018 Jessica became a certified Medicolegal Death Investigator through the Death Investigation Academy.