Public Defender

This office provides cost-free legal representation to indigent persons, juvenile through adult, in criminal matters ranging from traffic offenses to criminal homicide. Clients may seek representation, pre-arrest through appellate proceedings.

Individuals have to apply for a Public Defender by completing an application. Applications can be obtained from the Public Defender’s office or from any Magisterial District Court. Once an application is submitted, eligibility will be determined by the Public Defender. Parties will be notified regarding eligibility. Defendant’s will be contacted by an attorney if they qualify for representation. Others will receive a letter outlining the reason why they do not qualify.


Office Hours

9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday


 Contact Information

  • Public Defender

    County Courthouse
    31 Lake Avenue (PO Box 218)
    Montrose, PA 18801
    Telephone: (570) 278-4600
    Fax: (570) 278-7036
    Linda LaBarbera, Public Defender - Ext. 6681
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