Recycling Guidelines

For printable versions of our guidelines, please click on the following:



  • Clean, Dry Corrugated Cardboard
  • Please, break down your boxes
  • No wax covered material


Mixed Paper

  • Clean, Dry office paper, magazines, soft covered books, newspaper, chipboard (cereal boxes, soda boxes, etc.)
  • No wax covered material (i.e. No juice or ice cream cartons.)
  • No Styrofoam or plastic.
  • No food or biological contaminated material.
  • No hard covered books.
  • If you can’t tear it, we can’t recycle it!
  • If you bring your paper in a plastic bag, please, dump out the paper and take the bag with you. Plastic bags can be recycled at many local retail stores.


Glass Bottles and Jars

  • It Must be a Bottle or a Jar that once contained food or beverage. All other glass is considered a contaminant.
  • Sorted by color: Brown, Clear, and Green (when in doubt – go with green!)
  • No windows, no vases, no drinking glasses, no candles, no light bulbs, no plates, no room deodorizers, no ceramics, etc.

Brown GlassGreen Glass


Tin Cans

  • Soup/Vegetable cans.
  • No need to remove the labels.

Tin CansBaled Tin


Plastic Bottles and Jars

  • We accept plastic only in the form of a bottle or jar.
  • Plastic #1 bottles include soda and water bottles.
  • Plastic #2 bottles include laundry detergent bottles and milk bottles.
  • No food tubs such as butter, cottage cheese, yogurt or sour cream containers.
  • No clear plastic containers such as berry containers or deli containers.
  • No TV dinner trays.
  • We cannot accept bottles that contained motor oil or antifreeze.

Plastic #1Plastic #2


Aluminum Cans

  • Beverage and cat food cans.

Aluminum CansBaled Alum


Scrap Metal

  • Scrap Metal Items accepted Monday through Friday 8am-4pm (excluding County Holidays.)
  • All items must be approved by a staff member.
  • Please, leave items in your vehicle and come in the office empty-handed. We will come out and assist you.
  • Items must be primarily metal.
  • All fluids (gas, oil, etc.) must be removed from items.
  • No propane tanks.
  • There is a fee for items containing Freon such as:
    • Refrigerators/Freezers—$25
    • Air Conditioners/Dehumidifiers—$15

Scrap Metal Sign