Sheriff Sales

Properties sold by the Sheriff of Susquehanna County are mortgage and judgment defaults

All sales are held in the Sheriff's Office at 31 Lake Ave, Montrose, Pa 18801 at the time indicated on the notice / hand bill.


  1. Sales are conducted by open bidding and you will be bidding against the lien holder / agent (a representative).

  2. The lien holder has a predetermined amount that they will bid to. This is called the "upset price". Only the lien holder, on day of sale, knows what this amount will be. It may be more or less than the judgment amount.
    It is your responsibility to contact the lien holder for additional information

  3. All bids, plus 2% poundage must be paid in cash, cashier's check or certified check made payable to the Susquehanna County Sheriff prior to close of business on the date of sale or the deed will NOT be acknowledged.

  4. The debtors own the properties until they are sold on the day of the sale.

  5. The Sheriff Office does not and can NOT give physical access to the properties listed for sale, please respect the privacy of others.

  6. Properties are sole "AS IS" and the Sheriff is not responsible.

  7. It is your responsibility to seek assistance in searching properties. This ,ay be obtained through attorneys or title searchers to determine possible liens for which the buyer may be responsible.

  8. Please contact the Real Estate Clerk at 570-278-6653 for questions pertaining to the amount owed to the executing creditor along with Sheriff fees and any additional costs.

  9. A schedule of distribution of the proceeds from the sale will be prepared within thirty days.

  10. Money collected by the Sheriff are paid in priority order to creditors / lien holders unless objections to the schedule of distribution are filed within 10 days of the sale.

  11. If you have additional questions concerning the purchase of a property at Sheriff's sale or the filing of any legal pleading, please consult with your attorney.

  12. Susquehanna County Sheriff's Office DOES NOT GIVE LEGAL ADVICE


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