Veterans Corner

Veterans Corner – July 1, 2020

Submitted by: Rich Ely, Susquehanna County Director of Veterans Affairs


“Hometown Hero Banners “

As part of my job I have the privilege to talk, and meet with many of my 4,000 fellow veterans and their families from here in Susquehanna County.  I am very appreciative of all these men and women that gave of themselves to help protect and defend our nation. In my eyes they are all heroes. I also feel blessed to live in a county where our citizens show that “we value our veterans” and show them this in many ways. One such endeavor has been taken up by the Montrose Kiwanis Club.  They are spearheading a program called Hometown Hero Banners.

  The Hometown Hero Banners will be displayed to recognize local residents who are serving, or veterans who have honorably served, our country in the United States Armed Forces. The Hometown Hero Banner will show the service member's military photo, full name, and the branch of military and the era they served in. These banners will be displayed from mid-April to mid-October on the streets of Montrose for a two-year period. After the course of the 2 years, the banner will be removed and given to the service person or family member who submitted the application. This will be the last order of 30 banners until the Spring of 2021. This is a first come first served program and applications should be sent in not later than July 12th.


The cost of a banner will be $225, which includes installation and removal. For an additional $20.00 you can also get a garden banner which will be given to the applicant.


For an application you should contact the Montrose Area Kiwanis Club at You may also get applications by stopping by the Susquehanna County Veterans Affairs Office in the courthouse in Montrose.

Anyone with any veteran related questions may call the County VA office at (570) 278-5955. I want to thank the Kiwanis Club for their efforts for helping to show, once again, that here in Susquehanna County “We Value Our Vets.”