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Elections 2020
Primary Election: April 28, 2020
Last Day to Register: April 13, 2020

General Election: November 3, 2020
Last Day to Register: October 19, 2020


Material relating to Elections can be found on these pages. Come back often since new material, information, and dates will be posted regularly.

Election Results

November 2019 General Election Ballot Specimen (PDF)

Campaign Finance Report form and instructions (PDF)

Campaign Finance Statement form and instructions (PDF)

County Election Officials (In the process of being updated)

2019 Campaign Finance Reporting Schedule / Election Finance Dates


 Voter Information

Are You Registered?

Voter Registration Mail Application (PDF)

Apply/Change Registration ONLINE


Attention Susquehanna County residents, please mail all applications to:

Voter Registration
PO Box 218
Montrose, PA 18801
(570) 278-6697

Click HERE to Register Online (



If you are going to be absent from your municipality or you have an illness/disability that prevents you from physically going to your polling place you may fill out an absentee application.

Absentee Ballot Application (PDF) (use if you are a citizen residing within the U.S.)

FEDERAL POST CARD Absentee Ballot Application (use if you are a uniformed service members/family or a citizen residing outside the U.S.)

Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot (PDF)

UMOVA Notice 2020​ (PDF)

INFORMATIONAL VIDEOS AND DOCUMENTS: – State Help America Vote Act website

Video – Intro to HAVA and voting (WMV)

Video – Paper Ballot voting process (WMV)

Video – Conclusion (WMV)

Vote Standard document (PDF)

Disabled and Senior Voter Rights Brochure (PDF)


 Election Officials Information and Training Material


Susquehanna County Voter Registration provides training and certification of election officials, as required by State Election Law.

This year, the County is providing task specific training in a few key areas where history has indicated additional training is needed.

Go to Training Start Page

Department of State Poll Working Training Webpage

It is the goal of the County to have each and every Election Official fully knowledgeable about the operation and regulations regarding the election law and equipment.

Election Officials and Voters now have the opportunity to be aware of the proper process to vote in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania.

Additional training material will be posted here as it becomes available. Also, each election polling place has a complete set of rules and the training material available in hard copy.


 Contact Information

  • Voter Registration

    County Courthouse
    31 Lake Avenue (PO Box 218)
    Montrose, PA 18801
    Telephone: (570) 278-4600, Ext. 4090
    Fax: (570) 278-6698
    Macy Rudock, Director
    Melissa Brunges, Assistant
​You may contact us using our Contact Us form.

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** Sample Ballots will be posted about 30 days before the Election **