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Susquehanna County Tax Claim Bureau Director, Cathy Benedict, Welcomes You!

Due to implementation of new software the disbursement from both 2012 sales has been delayed. We expect to have deeds from the upset sale filed within a week (4/5/2013) and the judicial sale will follow closely after that. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Please hit your REFRESH button on each page due to frequent updates. (12/12/12)
Susquehanna County's Tax Claim Bureau collects delinquent real estate taxes for the County, the 6 school districts in the county and the 40 townships and boroughs in the county. Your taxes are considered delinquent on January 1st of each year after they are due to the local tax collectors. Unpaid taxes are returned to the tax claim bureau during the month of January with an additional charge of 15 dollars per Taxing District returned. A taxing district is county, municipality and/or school district. Beginning in February of the year of delinquency interest begins to accrue at 9 percent annually. Delinquent real estate taxes may be paid to the bureau at any time prior to the 2nd year of delinquency. For delinquent up-to-date amounts due please call:  570-278-4600=Cindy(x312),Wanda(x310),Cathy(x131) 69 Lake Avenue, POB218 Montrose, Pa 18801-0218 OR E-Mail:  susqcotreas@hotmail.com
Title Companies:  Lien Certifications are $15.00 per parcel
Pay Delinquent Taxes On-Line
Delinquent 2012 Taxes may be paid on-line all year beginning in February of 2013.
Delinquent 2011 may be paid on-line ONLY until June 15, 2013.
After June 15th UNPAID 2011 TAXES MUST be paid with CASH, CERTIFIED BANK CHECK OR MONEY ORDER-We Will NOT accept your 2011 payment with this service. You will not receive a receipt!
cannot collect current (2013) year taxes. You MUST pay them to your tax collector until 12/31/13.
CREDIT and Debit  CARD SERVICE  AVAILABLE:  Visa, MC, Amex, Discover
To access on-line service AND INSTRUCTIONS click here: Gov-Pay

Susquehanna County Municipal Tax Collectors Site

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State Site for EIT Taxes
ALL PROPERTIES ARE SOLD UNDER THE RULE OF CAVEAT EMPTOR, Or LET THE BUYER BEWARE and are governed by Act No. 542 of 1947 also known as The Pennsylvania Real Estate Tax Sale Law. 
Susquehanna County Tax Sale Lists
Upset sales  are usually conducted  the second Monday of September of each year. In August a list of delinquent properties is advertised in three local papers for two weeks. The list is between 300 and 400 properties. Papers are COUNTY INDEPENDENT-570-278-NEWS; FOREST CITY NEWS-570-785-3800; COUNTY TRANSCRIPT-570-853-3134.
SUSQUEHANNA COUNTY TAX CLAIM BUREAU SALE OF LAND                                  Upset Sale-Monday September 10, 2012 10AM  READ THIS NOTICE!                                      2012 UPSET SALE ADVERTISING
Judicial Sales are held after the Upset Sale for properties not sold at September's Upset Sale. Judicial Sales are ordered by the court of common pleas of Susquehanna County and are also referred to as the "Free & Clear" sale since filed tax and municipal liens are discharged as well as mortgages and other filed liens. "Free & Clear" is a misnomer as there may be liens filed after the filed discharges. Judicial Sales are generally held in October of the year following the Upset Sale for the same property. The Judicial Sale List is usually published one time in September before the sale. Liens are NOT discharged before the court ordered sale. A private sale will include liens. 

 (Sale Date of October 09, 2012 10:00am set  by court order 2012-995CP)  

Private Sales may be held any time after any property has been exposed to public sale and such property was not sold because no bid was made equal to the upset price. Notice of the proposed sale, stating the price and the property proposed to be sold, shall be given to each such taxing district and to the owner of the property. Notice shall also be given by publication at least two (2) times, with approximately ten (10) days intervening between each publication, in at least one (1) newspaper of general circulation published in the county where the property is located. The notice of publication shall set forth the location of the property, the date and place of sale, the price and terms of sale, and the provision that the property will be sold free and clear of all tax claims and tax judgments. The corporate authorities of any taxing district having any tax claims or tax judgments against the property which is to be sold, the owner, an interested party, or a person interested in purchasing the property may, if not satisfied that the sale price approved by the bureau is sufficient, within forty-five (45) days after notice of proposed sale, petition the court of common pleas of the county to disapprove the sale. The court shall, in such case, after notice to each such taxing district, the owner, the bureau, the purchaser and any other person who has joined in the petition, hear all parties. After such hearing, the court may either confirm or disapprove the sale as appears just and proper. If the sale is disapproved, the court shall at the same time fix a price below which such property shall not be sold and order that, if no private sale can be arranged, the property be sold at public judicial sale under this act (Act 542 of 1947). If more than one party agrees to pay the minimum price set by court, the court shall direct the bureau to conduct an auction style bid of the property among the parties to the proceedings. If only one party agrees to pay the minimum price set by the court, the bureau shall sell the property to that party without the necessity of an auction. Deeds, when the price for the private sale of any said property has been finally approved or confirmed, shall be in the name of the bureau, as trustee grantor and shall be executed and duly acknowledged before the prothonotary. Such deed shall convey title to the purchaser free, clear and discharged of all tax claims and tax judgments, whether or not returned, filed or entered, as provided by this or any other act.
Repository Sale properties are those not purchased at the Judicial Sale. Repository Sales are held at the discretion of the Tax Claim Bureau. The list is below and bids may be made by e-mail or in writing.
SUSQUEHANNA COUNTY Repository Properties 
REGISTRATION REQUIRED TO BID AT ALL SALES To be received in our office by the Friday before each sale: Affidavit, signed and notarized by each purchaser and a deed form for each property on which you intend to bid. See Below:
Susquehanna County DEED FORM