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Judicial Sale

Judicial Sale


In Re: Judicial Sale, No. TBD., in the Court of Common Pleas of Susquehanna County, Pa. Pursuant to Court Order No. TBD dated TBD, the Susquehanna County Tax Claim Bureau is authorized to sell the said tracts of land, free and clear of the respective tax and municipal claims, liens, mortgages, charges and estates, except separately taxed ground rents, as of TBD pursuant to the provisions of Section 610, Article VI of the Act of July 7, 1947 P.L.1368, as amended (72 P.S. 5860.610) The Tax Claim Bureau expressly makes no representation and disclaims any warranty as to the title of any tax parcel hereby transferred.

The United States asserts all rights reserved under United States Code, Title 26, Section 7425, which provides the United States of America with a right of redemption of the property to be sold within 120 days of the sale.

With new changes under Act 33 of 2021, Each purchaser shall be required to provide the Bureau with a certification between TBD and TBD. No bidder packets will be accepted after TBD stating that, within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the purchaser(s) is NOT delinquent in paying real estate taxes and that no municipal utility bills are outstanding. Certification shall be by receipts of paid real estate taxes and municipal utility bills within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or by an executed verification stating payment of same.

Verification to be provided the Bureau by each purchaser between TBD and TBD. No bidder packets will be accepted after TBD stating he or she is not a Susquehanna County elected official or appointed officer, nor the owner of the property purchased, nor a partner or shareholder of the owner, nor in a business relationship with the owner, nor any other business association that has any individual as part of the business association who had any ownership interest or rights in the property.

A blank verification form is available from the Bureau office or from this website regarding the above verifications. Verification Form and purchaser information Deed Form are to be delivered to the Bureau for pre-registration to bid at the sale. Payment is to be made immediately after the sale.

Any purchaser or purchasers are hereby notified that Act 1998-5 added Section #619 to the Real Estate Tax Sale Law giving municipalities 15 days in which to petition the court of common pleas to prohibit the transfer of the property to a purchaser.

Allegations to prohibit the sale to a purchaser are:

The purchaser has, over the last three years, exhibited a course of conduct demonstrating that the purchaser permitted an uncorrected housing code violation to continue unabated after being convicted of the violation;

The purchaser has failed to maintain the property owned by that purchaser in a reasonable manner such that it posed a threat to health, safety, or property; or permitted the use of property in an unsafe or unsanitary manner such that it posed a threat to health, safety, or property;

The person acting as an agent for a purchaser seeking to avoid the limitations placed on the purchase of the property by this section is subject to all restrictions imposed by the act;

A change of name or business status shall not defeat the purpose of this section.

The purchaser(s) shall also be required to pay all costs for recording the deed, including all State and Local realty transfer taxes, which are included in the minimum bid.

After the minimum bid, all bidding will be in increments of no less than $100.00.

TERMS OF SALE: Cash, Cashier’s Check or Money Order for the entire purchase price must be in the office of the Tax Claim Bureau immediately after the Judicial Sale is completed;

The County reserves the right to reject any and all bids.