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Inmate Mail

Inmate Mail

  1. All Inmates are permitted to send and/or receive an unlimited number of letters via United States Postal Service each week.

  2. All incoming non-legal mail will be opened and inspected for contraband. Inmate mail will not be held. Materials received but not permitted in the Inmate’s possession will be returned to sender or placed into storage until his/her release from this Facility. Such materials include, but are not limited to, the following: pornography, explicit photographs, postage paid envelopes, stamps, stationary, blank envelopes, Polaroid photographs, correspondence from Inmate(s) currently housed in another correctional institution, excessive Internet copies, stickers, novelty cards, envelopes of excessive size, glue, glitter, bodily fluids, etc.

  3. Incoming postal mail from Attorneys, Courts, Department of Corrections personnel, and other public officials shall be opened and inspected for contraband while in the presence of the addressee.

  4. Correspondence with an (alleged) victim(s) of the Inmate’s (alleged) criminal act is prohibited.

  5. The Warden/Deputy Warden(s) reserves the right to prohibit an Inmate from receiving incoming mail from ex-Inmate(s).

  6. Facility Administration reserves the right to “spot check” outgoing/incoming mail.

  7. All outgoing mail shall be sealed by the Inmate and have only the return address in the top left corner as shown in the following example:

    Inmate name, block and cell numberSusquehanna County Correctional Facility (SCCF)137 Ellsworth DriveMontrose, PA 18801

  8. Inmates are to advise persons from whom they receive correspondence that name and return address is required on all incoming/outgoing mail.

  9. Magazines may only be purchased from subscription service provider and must be directly shipped from said provider to Correctional Facility for inspection and distribution.

  10. Letter(s) containing correspondence from an inmate(s) currently housed in the Susquehanna County Correctional Facility or any other correctional institution (Third party correspondence not permitted) are strictly prohibited without prior approval by the Administration, and may lead to disciplinary action.