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Susquehanna County Recycling Center


News & Updates

Greetings from the Susquehanna County Recycling Center.  Due to the growth we are seeing with the County’s recycling program, we would like to remind you of the following policies…

Residents:  Residents of Susquehanna County may continue to utilize our public drop-off at this time.  Please, remember that we touch & inspect every single item that is brought to our facility before we can put it into our loads.  Please, rinse your cans & bottles clean!  Please, make sure your paper and cardboard remain clean and dry.  The following should never be placed in with your recycling: Tissues, napkins, paper towels, paper plates, paper cups, Q-tips, diapers, cartons or wrappers.  It does not matter if they are clean.  We cannot include them in our loads.

Haulers & Business: All loads over 200 pounds must be scheduled to be received ahead of time.  We cannot offer commercial drop-off service to large loads without scheduling.  While this has always been preferred, it is now required.  It is important that we work together to avoid disruptions in service.

Locations with roll-off containers:  We will schedule roll-off containers to be brought in on an as requested basis.  Do not wait until your container is full before calling your hauler to set up an appointment.  It typically takes the entire staff a full day to sort through one container of material and remove items that cannot be placed into the loads.  Therefore, we can not receive more than 1 container per week.

Our small, dedicated team is working hard to make sure your recycling program remains successful.  And we are hiring!  If you would like more information of the positions available, please, visit www.susqco.com.

Thank you.

 The Susquehanna County Recycling Center’s public drop-off  for cans, bottles, paper and cardboard is currently available to Susquehanna County residents 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Please, make sure your cans and bottles are rinsed clean.  And your paper and cardboard should remain clean and dry with no paper plates, cups, tissues, paper towels, napkins, toilet paper, diapers, Q-tips, photographs, milk/juice cartons, wrappers, or Styrofoam.  For more information, please contact the Recycling Center at 570-278-3589.


Important Change Regarding Electronics Recycling

Effective immediately, the Susquehanna County Recycling Center will no longer accept electronics for recycling.

The law regarding the disposal of electronics in Pennsylvania (Cover Device Recycling Act) requires an amendment to allow for the continued collection, transportation and recycling of all televisions and computers in Pennsylvania. At this time, there are no electronics recycling companies willing to pick up that type of material from our facility. We appreciate your patience as we work with local legislators and state officials to find a solution to this statewide crisis.

About Us

FacilityThe Susquehanna County Recycling Center is located on Ellsworth Drive in South Montrose. We are here to serve and assist you with your recycling and waste management needs. Our mission at the recycling center is to maintain the delicate balance of our county’s economic and environmental concerns through a sound waste management program. An effective and self-sustainable recycling program is an important component of the Susquehanna County Municipal Waste Management Plan.

Our goal is to minimize the municipal waste stream by extracting recyclable materials from it. This allows us to help preserve valuable space in the landfills. We then set out to maximize the social, economic, and environmental benefits from these reclaimed recyclables through processing and marketing them.

Since Susquehanna County is rural, with a population of only 42,000 people, it is not feasible to collect, process and sell all the products that are deemed recyclable at this recycling center. Therefore, we have chosen the ones that we can recycle in a way that will maximize the amount of recyclable materials accepted at the center, maximize revenue and minimize expenses for the County Recycling Center.

We are accepting as many recyclable categories as currently feasible, given the geographical location and physical parameters of our recycling center. However, we will continue to pursue new and progressive programs that will promote sustainable social, economic and environmental growth.

We sincerely thank you for your cooperation and vested interest in the recycling effort.

Contact Information

Recycling Center
133 Ellsworth Drive
Montrose, PA 18801

Telephone: (570) 278-3589 & (570) 278-3509
Fax: (570) 278-2749

Jen Hibbard, Recycling Coordinator
Dean Mitchell, Assistant Recycling Coordinator

The facility offers a public drop-off for cans, bottles, paper and cardboard 24 hours a day, seven days a week. *** PUBLIC DROP-OFF HOURS MAY VARY ***  We offer expedited recycling drop-off for Commercial businesses Monday thru Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. (excluding County Holidays.)   


We encourage scheduled tours of our facility for Schools, Community groups, and Youth groups. We also offer educational presentations, either here or in your classroom. 

Do Not Litter

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