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Veterans Corner

Veterans Corner

Veterans Appreciation Week
Submitted By: Jeffery Mead
Susquehanna County Director of Veterans Affairs/Veterans Service Officer


Susquehanna County Commissioners Proclaim 

Veterans Appreciation Week


Veterans Appreciation Week – June 10-16, 2024

WHEREAS, throughout our country’s history, in the name of freedom and democracy for all, courageous men and women have stood ready to serve our nation by protecting and defending the core principles upon which America was founded and to help secure peace around the world; and

WHEREAS, as of 2023, there are over 18 million living veterans in the United States, including more than 800,000 in Pennsylvania and close to 3,000 in Susquehanna County, who served our country in times of peace and conflict; and

WHEREAS, we commend and value the selfless service made by all members of the Armed Forces who dedicated part of their lives or made the ultimate sacrifice to keep American strong, inspire generations through patriotic service, and proven their love of their Country; and

WHEREAS, the brave men and women of our community who served and enlisted, ready to defend our homeland and safeguard the freedom and values for which we stand, deserve our recognition; and

WHEREAS, in honor of the Traveling Vietnam Wall and the Cost of Freedom Tribute coming to the Hallstead-Great Bend American Legion, we, the Susquehanna County Commissioners, call all Susquehanna County residents to honor, respect and remember those who answered the Country’s call to service in Vietnam and all other wars and conflicts; and

NOW, THEREFORE, we, the Susquehanna County Commissioners, do hereby proclaim June 10th through June 16th 2024 as Veterans Appreciation Week in Susquehanna County as a symbol of unity to recognize, honor, and support the commitment and sacrifice of current, former, and fallen members of all the branches of the Armed Forces.


Alan M. Hall, Judith Herschel, David Darrow

Wall that Heals Traveling Vietnam Wall will be in Hallstead PA located at 612 New York Ave Hallstead-Great Bend American Legion Post 357. The event stays open 24 hours a day from 1pm on Thursday June 13 until 3pm on Sunday June 16. Come attend one or all the ceremonies, or anytime to visit the Wall. Vendors: DAR, Susquehanna Historical Society, Twin Tier Honor Flight, Camp Freedom, Hunts for Healing, Patriots Cove, VetCenter, Janice McGevrin, Unit 357, Honor. Respect. Remember. 

The Wall that Heals Traveling Vietnam Wall Schedule:

Wednesday June 12, 2024, Wall Arrives in New Milford, PA by escort AVTT at 6pm, to leave New Milford Hardware, and arrive at Hallstead-Great Bend American Legion. 

Thursday June 13, 2024; 1pm Opening Ceremony Posting of Colors Welcome; Speech Tina Haggerty; Opening Prayer Blessing of the Wall – Pastor Al Hickok; Proclamation from Mayor to declare it Veterans Appreciation Week Proclamation from Susquehanna County for Veterans Appreciation week; Reading of Names on the Wall; Keynote Speaker Kelly Moyer; Ride of Honor Lighting of the Memorial Candle; Gun Salute Retrieval of Colors; Taps at dusk. 

Friday June 14, 2024; 9am Posting of colors; 4pm Welcome Speech – Tina Haggerty; Pledge of Allegiance; National Anthem; Invocation Keynote Speaker NEC Mike Stellacio; Keynote Speaker Department Commander Steve Lavelle; Laying of the Wreaths; Keynote Speaker Lynn Hollis-Adams; Bagpipes; Vietnam War Prayer; Reading of Names on the Wall; 4pm – 6pm Possible Fly Over; Pinning of all Vietnam Veterans and/or spouses – Christina Lonigro; Disposing of the Flags Ceremony; Candlelight Vigil; Keynote Speaker – Kelly Moyer; meaning of Taps; Benediction; Gun Salute; Retrieval of Colors; Taps; at dusk Fireworks – donated by Monteforte Fireworks.

Saturday June 15, 2024; First Responders and Police Officers Day; 9am Posting of Colors; 10am - Reading of the Names on the Vietnam Wall; Cost of Freedom Wall honorees Billy Evans, Lee Weigand, Daniel Arnold; Reading of the Names on the Cost of Freedom Wall; Laying of the Wreaths; 11 am – 4pm Community can interact with First Responders and Police Officers.  Some will have fire trucks and police cars available to explore. 12:45pm Speech honoring First Responders; 1pm – Keynote speakers NYPD Donna Schulze and Eddy Schulze; 3pm – Keynote Speaker Steve Brown; FDNY Amazing Grace Gun Salute Retrieval of Colors Taps. 

Sunday June 16, 2024; 9am posting of Colors; 11am Church services – Pastor Al Hickok; 2pm closing prayer Blessing of the wall; – Pastor Al Hickok Extinguishing of the memorial candle; Gun Salute; Retrieval of Colors; Taps; 3pm AVTT Traveling Vietnam Wall Closes to the Public.

Quick Facts about Vietnam Veterans Memorial at National Mall:

LOCATION: Washington, DC

SIGNIFICANCE: Memorial to US service members who died in service in the Vietnam War

Dedicated in 1982, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial was a revolutionary minimalist design for a war memorial. From afar, the memorial appears as a gash on the landscape, an unhealed wound. The names of over 58,000 servicemembers who gave their lives between 1957 and 1975 are listed on the wall in chronological order starting and ending at the center of the wall.  Guidebooks at the entrances to the memorial can help visitors find a specific name, corresponding to the panel number at the base of each panel and the row as counted from the top of the panel.  According to a 2019 audit by the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, 58,390 names are on the wall, but due to corrections, duplicates, or individuals who lived or are of unknown status, the wall represents 58,276 individuals.  Names indicated with a cross are listed as missing in action, while a diamond superimposed on a cross represents a servicemember who was listed as missing in action when the memorial was built in 1982, but has since been determined to be killed in action.  The nearby statues at the Vietnam Women's Memorial, the statue known as "The Three Servicemen," and the flagpole representing the branches of the military are related features.  Designer: Maya Ying Lin


Apex panel, top 1959 IN HONOR OF THE MEN AND WOMEN OF THE ARMED FORCES OF THE UNITED STATES WHO SERVED IN THE VIETNAM WAR. THE NAMES OF THOSE WHO GAVE THEIR LIVES AND OF THOSE WHO REMAIN MISSING ARE INSCRIBED IN THE ORDER THEY WERE TAKEN FROM US. Apex panel, bottom 1975 OUR NATION HONORS THE COURAGE, SACRIFICE AND DEVOTION TO DUTY AND COUNTRY OF ITS VIETNAM VETERANS. THIS MEMORIAL WAS BUILT WITH PRIVATE CONTRIBUTIONS FROM THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. NOVEMBER 11, 1982 Flag base This flag represents the service rendered to our country by the veterans of the Vietnam War. The flag affirms the principles of freedom for which they fought and their pride in having served under difficult circumstances. (NationalParkService.gov)

Other Events:

Gulf War/Global War on Terror Veterans Support Group at Lenox/Elk Mountain VFW Post 8488 every  first Monday of Month at 5:30 PM. Next meeting is July 1st at 5:30PM.

Vietnam Veterans Support Group at Lenox/Elk Mountain VFW Post 8488 every 1st and 3rd Monday at 10:30 AM.  Next meetings are June 17th and July 1st at 10:30 AM.


Susquehanna Veterans Affairs office is always here to assist Veterans in accessing Veterans Administration and State benefits.


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