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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can money be sent through the mail?

A. Cashier checks and/or money orders can be sent through the mail to:

Susquehanna County Correctional Facility (SCCF)
137 Ellsworth Drive
Montrose, PA 18801

Be sure to include the Inmate’s name.

Q. Can pictures be sent in the mail?

A. Each inmate is permitted to keep ten (10) photographs (including but not limited to computer generated and or 5″ x 7″) in his / her cell. Polaroids or other photos containing offensive or obscene images will not be permitted.

Q. What is commissary?

A. Commissary is a system through which inmates may purchase additional convenience items that they may be allowed to have. These items include personal hygiene items (different brands of shampoo, soap, etc.), writing materials and food items (candy bars, cookies, crackers, etc.). Inmates are also allowed to order approved clothing and hobby craft items. Inmates can order commissary items once a week. Phone calls can be made from their account.

Q. Can money, etc., be dropped off for an Inmate?

A. Cash or money order can be dropped off daily at the Facility between the hours 8a.m.-8p.m., but the Inmate’s account will only be updated Monday – Friday, 8a.m. – 3 p.m. (Holidays excluded).

Q. What happens to Inmates who don’t have money?

A. Inmates who don’t have money are considered indigent. The Prison provides the Inmate’s basic needs of food, clothing, personal hygiene items and mail privileges.

Q. Are there any deductions taken from an Inmate’s account?

A. Yes. Inmates are charged a booking fee of $20.00, as well as medical co-pays and prescriptions. Other charges may include disciplinary fines for damaged County property.

Q. What if Inmates cannot order what they want in Commissary?

A. If the item is not in the commissary, Inmates cannot have it. Items available in Commissary are the only items allowed in the Inmate’s property. The Prison provides all necessary items for an inmate who is incarcerated.

Q. Is it advisable to place money on an Inmate’s commissary account if the Inmate is not a family member or close friend?

A. Inmates are given everything they need to be comfortable while in prison. By placing money on an Inmate’s account you could be playing into a scam perpetrated by other Inmates. Citizens are advised NOT to place money on the account of an unacquainted Inmate. If asked to do so, contact the Warden’s office for advice or assistance.