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Inmate Visitation

Inmate Visitation

Visitation serves an important role in preserving the relationship between inmates and their families and friends. However, visitation is a privilege, not a right, and is subject to rules, regulations, and procedures.

Requirements for Entry into the Facility

  1. Identification: Valid driver’s license, passport, or any acceptable government (State or Federal) identification card with a photo.

  2. Each visitor is required to sign in, providing their name, address and relationship to the Inmate.

  3. Search: All visitors must successfully pass the walk-through metal detector before being allowed in the facility and are subject to search prior to being allowed to visit any Inmate.

Visiting hours vary according to cellblocks. Weekly visitation hours for each cellblock are as follows: 

Housing Location
Days / Times
Friday, 6PM-8PM
Saturday, 6PM-8PM 
Tuesday, 5PM-8PM
Friday, 1PM-4PM 
Sunday, 9AM-11AM
Saturday, 9AM-11AM 
Monday, 6PM-8PM
Wednesday, 2PM-4PM 
Disciplinary Segregation (Males) 
Thursday, 8AM-10AM 
Disciplinary Segregation (Females) 
Thursday, 10AM-12PM 


The Inmate shall submit a “Visitation List” form, which is a listing of eight (8) individuals for whom he/she desires to have visiting privileges granted. Visitors on this list must be eighteen (18) years of age or older. Legal spouses under this age will be permitted visitation. Each list is subject to approval by the Warden or his designee. If anyone on the listing is denied visiting privileges, the Inmate will be notified and advised to submit an alternate name. The Warden or his designee may deny visiting privileges under the following circumstances:

  • Any person currently on County, State, Federal probation/parole, bail, or having a suspended sentence.
  • Commonwealth or Federal witnesses who are to testify against the Inmate.
  • Petitioners of a protection from abuse or exclusionary order, to which the Inmate is named a respondent.
  • Any person who had been previously incarcerated at this Correctional Facility.
  • Any person who is a known threat, has violated visitation policy in the past, or is a convicted felon.
  • Any person under the influence of alcohol.


  1. Inmates are responsible for notifying family and friends of their scheduled visiting times.

  2. Smoking in the facility is prohibited.

    1. All tobacco products and lighting materials are considered contraband.

    2. Tobacco products should be left in the visitor’s vehicle.

  3. Passing or attempting to pass anything during a visit is prohibited.

  4. Visitors may drop off cash or money orders for deposit in an Inmate’s account a. Money orders may also be mailed to the facility. Money orders must be made out to the Inmate’s name.

  5. No cell phones allowed in the Facility.

  6. All Inmates are subject to be searched before and after any visit.

  7. Dependent children under the age of eighteen (18) years of age will be permitted to visit provided they are under the supervision of their parent(s) or legal guardian. Children under the age of eighteen (18) need not be included on the visiting list; however, the parent(s) or legal guardian who brought them to this Facility must be included.

  8. Visitors must be properly attired. Men are expected to wear a presentable shirt. Women are expected to wear an appropriate blouse. No halter-type, tube tops or similar type tops are permitted. No high cut-off shorts are permitted. All persons, including children, are required to wear shoes.

  9. No more than two (2) visitors per Inmate will be permitted into the visitation room at any given time. Visitors are to decide amongst themselves how to alternate their time in the visitation room.

  10. Visitors are not permitted to carry food, drinks, purses, coats, jackets, or other nonessential items into the visitation room.

  11. In the event of an emergency or other demanding situation, the visit may be canceled, temporarily interrupted, or terminated without prior notification.

  12. Any visitor violating visiting policy may be asked to leave and is subject to suspension or termination of his/her visiting privileges by the Warden or his designee.

  13. Visitors are subject to search at any time. Any person refusing to be searched will have his/her visiting privileges terminated.

  14. All items will be searched. Any visitor who brings or attempts to bring any item of contraband into the facility will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  15. Any Inmate may refuse a visit at any time.